Opdrachtgever: Max Foundation

Wanneer: september 2016

Onderwerp: World Water Week, International Breastfeeding Week, Phasing out of Max WASH I, Impact Debate De Balie

On October 6th, debate center De Balie in Amsterdam organizes an Impact Debate in cooperation with the Dutch Postcode Lottery. Max Foundation has been invited to participate in the panel.

Impact: what is it, what does it mean and why is it important? Charities and NGOs increasingly question themselves about the ‘impact’ of their work. An important reason for this is that donors have become more critical and want to know more about the impact of their investments. At the same time are charities and NGO’s themselves eager to show that their results match their ambitions. A good development in itself, but: How do we keep the balance between a culture of compliance and the required freedom to do our work? And: what is the value of impact (mapping/measurement), what are its challenges and pitfalls? All these questions form the red line in a debate – organized by the debate center De Balie in Amsterdam and the Dutch Postcode Lottery –  in which Max Foundation will be participating in the panel. Lees de hele nieuwsbrief.