Opdrachtgever: Max Foundation

Wanneer: juni 2016

Onderwerp: Max Foundation geeft workshop Effective Altruism bij MSM

How can we, as a small group of people, create the biggest impact? With this question at the core of our mission, we feel inspired by the philanthropic and social movement of Effective Altruism.

Marie-Stella-Maris first to participate in “Effective Altruism” workshop.

The idea behind Effective Altruism is to identify and invest in ‘the most effective’ interventions in order to do as much good as possible. In hopes of inspiring our donors and partners to use this idea to consider the impact of interventions, Max Foundation created a workshop format. On a Wednesday afternoon in May, 16 staff members of Marie-Stella-Maris were ready to participate in this workshop at the creative space of Sir Albert in Amsterdam, under the expert guidance of Max Foundation’s Kaat Burbidge (head of fundraising) and Femke Markus (former chairman of the board). Lees het hele artikel.